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We offer seminars and personal coaching sessions on the Talsky Tonal Chiropractic model and technique. Are you looking to. . .

  • Increase and deepen your understanding and effectiveness of the neuro-spinal system and Tonal Chiropractic?
  • Deliver more effective care to your long-term and non-symptomatic practice members?
  • Learn to use and rely on principles and understanding, rather than rules?
  • Make your current techniques more effective?

Take your next step into advancing chiropractic through Talsky Tonal Chiropractic founder and Torque Release Technique designer and developer Dr. Marvin Talsky’s seminars, workshops, and personal coaching. We’ll facilitate your ability to continue developing and growing to become more effective in the application of the chiropractic science and art. Detailed information will be given to pre-registrants.

19 Credit Hours (for qualifying states)
To ensure that your state is qualified in time, contact Dr. Zach Conner 90 days prior to the seminar. (619) 777-8842

The 3-Day Talsky Tonal Chiropractic Seminar provides interactive learning and hands-on experience

FEES (before $50 EARLYBIRD discount)

For DCs: $545

For DC Faculty, 1st year DC Grads, and Refreshers: $445

For DC Students: $345

Enrollment limited because of supervision and interactive participation

A New Paradigm and Evolving Awareness

  • TTC offers structured 3-day (20-hour) seminars with an emphasis on chiropractic philosophy and quantum physics.
  • This facilitates a paradigm shift into Tonal Chiropractic awareness and thinking.
  • What you learn will be the basis for the newer, evolving Tonal Chiropractic analysis and the more refined and effective technique applications.
  • This differs from other techniques in that it is not a replacement technique, but an expanded model (understanding) to make the effective techniques you now use even more effective.
  • We’ll discuss how to keep the corrective and healing process continuing on a long-term basis, rather than reaching a point of maintenance or maximum achievable correction-like mechanistic techniques.


Materials Supplied

You’ll receive a set of support notes as part of the seminar. This includes patient education sheets covering these newer concepts which are not available in currently published patient education literature elsewhere.

You’ll also receive templates for patient examination forms to use in your own practice.

Hosting a Talsky Tonal Chiropractic Seminar

Marvin Talsky, DC, Jeremy Faue, DC, and Zach Conner, DC are available to travel to teach Talsky Tonal Chiropractic workshops as long as a host and a sponsor are provided and there are at least 12 paid participants.


You must have space to accommodate two high tables with room for 20 chiropractors / chiropractic students to attend.

You must also be willing to encourage other chiropractors and chiropractic students to register and participate.

If you’re interested in hosting and sponsoring a seminar please contact us.

Dr. Marvin Talsky
(847) 828-4108

[email protected]

Innate Chiropractic Coaching™

Dr. Talsky’s mentoring helps chiropractors to continue growing and developing, especially with technique problems and difficult patients.

For those doctors who travel to Dr. Talsky’s workshops, this is an excellent way to create continuity between meetings. Personal telephone consulting for technique implementation and development is available by request.

Through Dr. Talsky’s personal coaching, you’ll receive insight and support when you need it during individual sessions. Some examples of what Dr. Talsky can help you with are:

  • What is the next thing I need to do for implementation?
  • I keep finding the same things again and again
  • My patients are plateauing
  • I have unusual problem cases
  • How do I communicate newer concepts and lifetime care?

This is available for any doctor of chiropractic, regardless of technique.

Fee: $100.00 for 20-minute sessions

Call Dr. Talsky at (847) 828-4108 to discuss attending a workshop, your interest in hosting one, or to discuss setting up personal coaching to further develop your skills.

Tonal Chiropractic Defined

First starting with the word “tone” which is “the expression of vibratory frequencies through matter and space”. In relation to the spinal cord which is just a physical extension of the brain, changes in the tension of the spinal cord alter tone.

Because the substance of the spinal cord and brain are the finest, most stretchable matter it is not able to support itself and is literally suspended within the meningeal system which in turn is suspended within the movable bony structure of the vertebral column and cranium.

Movement and changes in postural positioning alter tension and tone of the spinal cord and brain. The system is designed to enjoy constant or frequent changing within a wide range of motion.

Spinal subluxation reduces the ranges of motion and full postural positioning thus reducing the potential of tonal expression. To the degree that subluxation is not released, reduces adaptability, performance and creative expression.

So, then my current definition is:

“Tonal chiropractic is a larger model of evaluating the entire NeuroSpinal system as a dynamic global system and facilitating it to reinitiate the process of self-adjusting, correcting and returning to wholeness (healing). ”

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